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Our custom-built reporting dashboards offer a wealth of vital information and actionable insights, empowering you to truly understand your online performance. Track the metrics that matter and power your future strategies. 

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What’s included in SEO Reporting?

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Custom Built Reporting Dashboard

Our reporting dashboards are not one-size-fits-all; they are created to align with the unique goals and priorities of your business. Our custom-built dashboards ensure that you receive insights specific to your industry, audience, and objectives. This tailored approach enhances the impact of the information presented, providing you with a clear and comprehensive view of your SEO performance.

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No Jargon, Just Facts

We believe in transparency and effective communication. Our reports are devoid of complex jargon that can often obscure the true meaning of the data. Instead, we prioritise clarity, presenting information in a straightforward and understandable manner. Through visual aids and simplified language, we make it easy for every member of your team to grasp the essential facts. This way everyone is able to contribute and understand your SEO performance. 


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Actionable Insights

Data is only valuable when it translates into actionable insights. Our reporting dashboards go beyond data presentation; they guide you toward actionable steps to optimise your SEO strategy. Our SEO reports empower you to make informed decisions that directly impact your online success. The insights gained from our detailed reports drive meaningful actions for continuous improvement.

Our Approach To SEO Reporting


Regular Reports

For complete transparency, our SEO retainers come with a detailed monthly report. Need more frequent updates? Our bespoke dashboards offer weekly or daily insights, keeping you informed in real-time.


Visual Aids

Simplify complex data with data visulisation. We use charts and graphs to present your data in an easily understandable format, empowering your team with actionable insights. Gone are the days of deciphering spreadsheets with endless numbers.



Goal Tracking

Tailored to your unique business goals, our reports meticulously track key performance indicators. Whether it’s purchases or form submissions, we focus on the metrics that matter most to your success.

You set the goals, we deliver the results

At Clever Clicks, collaboration is at the core of our approach. We engage closely with each client to ascertain their unique goals and aspirations for digital performance. Our strategies are expertly crafted to drive substantial online growth, and we pride ourselves on transparent reporting that keeps your entire team well-informed about your digital performance.

We believe in the power of collaboration because we understand that the more insight our clients gain, the greater value they can add to our ongoing strategies. Our commitment to making data easily understandable allows the results to speak for themselves. Through this collaborative journey, we aim not just for success but for a shared understanding of the path we’ve paved toward achieving your digital objectives.

SEO Reporting Dashboard

SEO Reporting FAQs

What is SEO reporting?
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SEO reporting involves the analysis, measurement, and presentation of data related to a website’s search engine optimisation performance. It encompasses various metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the effectiveness of SEO strategies and track progress over time.

What metrics are included in SEO reports?
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SEO reports typically include metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, backlink profiles, conversion rates, and other relevant data. The specific metrics can vary based on the goals and objectives of the SEO campaign.

What insights can I gain from SEO reports?
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SEO reports offer insights into the effectiveness of implemented strategies, areas for improvement, and the impact of SEO efforts on website performance. They help in understanding user behaviour, identifying successful tactics, and making data-driven decisions for future optimisations.

Do I need an agency for SEO reporting?
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While it’s possible to conduct SEO reporting in-house, many businesses benefit from partnering with an agency for comprehensive reporting and analysis. An experienced agency can provide expertise, advanced tools, and a strategic approach to interpreting data, leading to more effective SEO strategies.

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