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The ultimate platform where intent meets discovery. As millions search for their desired products, we ensure yours stand out.

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Conversion Led Ads for E-Commerce

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Precise Targeting, Outstanding ROI

Our expert team crafts shopping campaigns that pinpoint your ideal customers. Our shopping campaigns don’t just increase your conversions, but are designed to skyrocket your ROI. Get more for your money with an expertly crafted shopping campaign.

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Direct Product Exposure

Google Shopping allows us to market your product directly to an audience that’s already interested. We’ll monitor your competitors pricing and positioning within the auction, our skilled team will ensure week on week improvements on your feed and ranking.


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Capture Intent-Driven Shoppers

With Google Shopping you can snag customers exactly when they’re ready to convert. With precision targeting, competitive pricing or your brand messaging our experts will drive conversions through the immersive customer experience on your website.

Our Approach to Google Shopping


Customised Campaign Strategy

Visual product listings are key to growing your ecommerce business and increasing visibility in the Google Shopping auctions against your competitors. Unlike traditional text based search ads, Google Shopping displays product images & your pricing making it a more engaging experience.


Product Feed Optimisation

We continuously optimise your product feed, ensuring titles, descriptions, images, and other attributes are of high quality and relevance. An optimised product feed improves ad visibility, ensuring your products appear for relevant search queries, leading to higher conversion rates.



Dynamic Remarketing

We can remarket products to users who’ve previously visited your website but haven’t made a purchase. Remarketing strategically re-engages potential customers, bringing back those who might be on the fence and increasing the chance of conversions. Our expert team can incorporate these strategic custom built audiences into your business strategy.


Budget Management and Bidding

Expertise lies within managing budgets and setting the right bids for products to ensure maximum visibility while optimising spend, which is a key focus of ours. Efficient budgeting and bidding strategies ensure that you get the best bang for your buck, driving traffic and sales without overspending.


Competitor Analysis

Monitoring competitor’s products, prices, and strategies on Google Shopping. By staying informed about the competitive landscape, we can adjust strategies accordingly, ensuring you always have a competitive edge.


Performance Analytics and Reporting

We track the performance of your Google Shopping campaigns daily, providing you with detailed analytics and insights. Through comprehensive reports, businesses can understand campaign performance, allowing for informed decisions and data-driven improvements.


Mobile Optimisation

Recognising the significance of mobile shoppers, agencies ensure that your Google Shopping ads are optimised for mobile platforms. Catering to mobile users ensures a seamless shopping experience across all devices, capturing a larger segment of potential customers.


Integration with Other Marketing Channels

Integrating Google Shopping campaigns with other marketing channels like email marketing, SEO, and social media. This multi-channel approach amplifies your brand’s visibility and engagement, creating a cohesive and synergized marketing strategy.

Google Shopping FAQs

How can Google Shopping benefit my e-commerce business?
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Shopping provides great growth opportunities for e-commerce businesses, search campaigns are effective within a paid advertising strategy but having a product feed and showing across the Shopping space is vital to growing your business and staying competitive and relevant with your competitors.

Is linking Google Merchant Center a simple process?
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Our team will ensure that if you haven’t already set-up the platforms needed for us to run your Google Shopping campaigns we’ll do all the leg work for you. Google Merchant Center is a vital step for us to move forward with your Google Shopping ads & feed.

Do I need a feed to run Google Shopping campaigns?
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A feed is how we can ensure your products are shown correctly, here at Clever Clicks Digital our expert team will continuously work on feed optimisation and the technical details of product data to improve how your ads are shown within the auctions.

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