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Discover your competitor’s strategies and identify gaps in your approach with a comprehensive competitor analysis. 

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How can a competitor analysis help you?

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Discover Your Competitors' Strategies

During the competitor analysis, we unveil the tactics and strategies your competitors are employing. This includes insights into their areas of focus and the allocation of their marketing budget. We also uncover their top-performing pages and keywords. Our analysis extends across various marketing channels including SEO, PPC, social media, PR, and more. This deep exploration equips you with valuable knowledge about your competitive landscape.

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Deep Dive into Your Industry

By thoroughly analysing your closest competitors, you gain an extensive understanding of your industry. If your competitors are channeling their efforts into different areas compared to your own strategy, this knowledge becomes a compass guiding you toward more valuable marketing channels. It allows you to adapt and align your tactics for maximum industry impact.

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Discover Missed Opportunities

 Throughout the competitor analysis process, we identify strategies your competitors are successfully utilising. We then assist you in incorporating these insights into your own digital marketing strategy, capitalising on untapped opportunities for growth. This means that your approach is not only informed by your own insights but also refined by the success of your competitors, propelling you toward digital marketing success.

What’s Included in a Competitor Analysis


Search Visibility Comparison

We perform a detailed analysis of your search visibility in comparison to your competitors. This assessment highlights how easy it is to find you for relevant searches when compared to your competitors. This provides insights into areas where you can improve to outperform your competition.


Top Performing Keyword Overview

By examining the keywords that drive the most traffic and conversions for your competitors, we identify valuable keyword opportunities for your own SEO strategy. This information guides your content and optimisation efforts to target the most relevant and lucrative keywords.



Top Pages or Products

We analyse your competitors’ websites to identify their top-performing pages or products. This insight helps you understand which specific content or offerings resonate the most with their audience, enabling you to prioritise similar content or products and tailor your strategy for improved user engagement and conversions.


Content Gap Analysis

Our content gap analysis identifies areas where your website lacks content or fails to address specific user queries. By pinpointing these gaps in comparison to your competitors, we help you tailor your content strategy to capture a broader audience and improve your site’s overall authority and relevance.


PPC Overview

 We provide a comprehensive view of your competitors’ paid advertising efforts, shedding light on the platforms they use, their ad copy strategies, and the keywords they target. This analysis enables you to refine your PPC campaigns for maximum effectiveness.


PPC Spend Insights

 Understanding your competitors’ ad spend patterns and budget allocations allows you to optimise your own paid advertising budget. You can allocate resources more efficiently and strategically to achieve a higher ROI.


Links and Domain Metric Comparison

By comparing the quality and quantity of backlinks and domain metrics, we identify areas where you can strengthen your website’s authority and improve your search engine rankings. This analysis ensures your link-building efforts are targeted and effective.


Page Speed Analysis

We evaluate the speed and performance of your website and those of your competitors. This assessment helps you identify potential issues that may be affecting your user experience, ensuring that your website loads quickly and efficiently.


Structured Markup Insights

Understanding how your competitors implement structured markup provides insights into opportunities for enhancing the visibility and appearance of your website in search results, particularly through rich snippets and structured data.


Social Comparison

By assessing your social media presence in comparison to competitors, we help you identify strategies that can improve your engagement, expand your social reach, and build a more active online community. We uncover the content types that provide the highest levels of engagement and conversions. 


Domain Health Analysis

We look at the domain health of your competitors and compare each section to yours. Small technical issues can have a big effect on rankings and website performance, so doing this analysis allows us to pinpoint any areas that need improvement.


Market Positioning

 Following the competitor analysis process, we can position you within your industry. This allows us to benchmark you against competitors and track progress throughout the optimisation process.

Our research phase for data-driven results

We can provide you with a competitor analysis as a one-off service or as an integral part of our SEO and digital marketing retainers. Our tailored approach to research is designed to provide comprehensive insights.

Furthermore, we understand that sometimes, a single-channel analysis might be more aligned with your requirements. We offer the flexibility to focus on specific areas, such as just social media or PPC. Each competitor analysis is conducted by one of our digital marketing specialists, delivering written analysis and actionable insights to guide your strategic decisions.

For a more robust approach, our competitor analysis can be seamlessly combined with other research offerings like website audits or keyword research, ensuring your digital marketing strategy is data-driven, competitive, and primed for success.



Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis FAQs

What is competitor analysis?
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Competitor analysis in digital marketing is the process of evaluating and studying your competitors to gain insights into their strategies, strengths, weaknesses, and performance. It involves a systematic examination of their online presence, marketing tactics, and audience engagement to identify opportunities and areas for improvement.

What information can I gather through competitor analysis?
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Through competitor analysis, you can gather a wide range of information, including your competitors’ keyword strategies, content performance, social media engagement, backlink profiles, paid advertising tactics, and more. This information allows you to understand their digital marketing approaches and discover areas where you can compete more effectively.

How often should I conduct competitor analysis for my business?
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The frequency of competitor analysis can vary, but it’s generally recommended to conduct it regularly. We usually recommend reanalysing the competitive landscape annually. This helps to identify any changes in your competitors strategies and spot any emerging market trends.

Can competitor analysis help me identify market trends?
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Yes, competitor analysis can offer insights into emerging market trends. By examining your competitors’ strategies and observing shifts in their tactics, you can identify trends that may be influencing consumer behavior and the industry as a whole. This knowledge helps you adapt and align your marketing strategies accordingly.

Do I need an agency for competitor analysis?
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While it’s possible to perform competitor analysis in-house, many businesses opt for an agency’s expertise. Agencies bring experience, specialised tools, and an objective perspective to the analysis, ensuring more thorough and actionable results.

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