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Elevate your online store with our bespoke E-commerce web design services. Our designers and developers are on hand to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites tailored to your brand. We don’t just create websites that work, we transform your digital storefront into a powerful and conversion-focused platform.

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The benefits of our E-commerce websites

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Powerful online stores

Our e-commerce websites are crafted to provide a robust and feature-rich online store. From secure payment gateways to comprehensive product management systems, we ensure that your e-commerce platform is equipped to handle the demands of a dynamic online marketplace. We empower your customers to explore, engage, and make purchases effortlessly.

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Fully optimised

We don’t just create a storefront, we start each project with SEO in mind. Our SEO experts are heavily involved in the design and development process to enhance the online visibility of your new website. Our websites are designed to achieve higher rankings, drive organic traffic and boost your online sales.


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Built for UX

We focus on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that captivates visitors from the first click. Our designs prioritise ease of navigation, intuitive product categorisation, and responsive layouts to ensure a seamless experience for your customers. By prioritising UX, we increase user satisfaction, encourage repeat visits, and foster brand loyalty.

Our E-Commerce Solutions


WooCommerce (WordPress)

Our WooCommerce solutions leverage the power of WordPress to create versatile and scalable e-commerce websites. With a seamless integration of e-commerce functionality into the world’s most popular content management system, we deliver user-friendly and customisable online stores tailored to your business needs.



For enterprises requiring robust and scalable e-commerce solutions, Magento is an ideal solution. Known for its flexibility and extensive feature set, Magento provides a comprehensive platform for large-scale online stores. Our expertise in Magento ensures that your e-commerce website is equipped with advanced functionalities, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.




With Shopify, we offer a streamlined and user-friendly e-commerce solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. Our Shopify designs focus on simplicity, allowing you to manage products, process orders, and engage with customers efficiently. Enjoy the benefits of a secure and reliable platform that simplifies the complexities of online retail.



For businesses with unique requirements, our custom-built e-commerce solutions provide tailor-made platforms that precisely meet your specifications. Our experienced team works closely with you to understand your business goals, ensuring that every aspect of your custom e-commerce website aligns with your brand identity and operational requirements.


CRM Integrations

Elevate your customer relationship management with seamless CRM integrations. We connect your e-commerce platform with leading CRM systems, enhancing customer interactions, streamlining communications, and providing valuable insights for targeted marketing strategies.


Stock Management

Efficient stock management is vital for a successful e-commerce business. Our solutions incorporate advanced stock management systems, allowing you to track inventory levels, automate reorder processes, and ensure that products are always available for your customers.


Secure Payments

Security is paramount in online transactions. Our e-commerce solutions prioritise secure payment gateways, protecting both your business and your customers. With encrypted payment processing, your customers can shop confidently, and you can trust in the integrity of your financial transactions.


Mobile Friendly

Recognising the importance of mobile commerce, our e-commerce solutions prioritise mobile optimisations. Your online store is meticulously designed to provide an optimal viewing and purchasing experience across various devices, ensuring that you capture the growing market of mobile shoppers.

Our Web Design Process

Our web design process is a collaborative journey where we work closely with your team to understand your brand and the intricacies of your product offering. We prioritise the creation or utilisation of brand guidelines, ensuring that the web design aligns seamlessly with your brand style. 

Our web design process starts with the creation of wireframes – preliminary blueprints of various website sections. We involve our SEO team in the review process to guarantee a design that not only functions optimally but is also search engine and user-friendly.

Upon approval of the wireframes, our talented designers dive into the creative process, crafting bespoke designs that bring your brand to life online. We believe in providing our clients with the flexibility to express their preferences, offering unlimited amends throughout the design phase to ensure that the final product aligns perfectly with your vision.


Our goal is not just to create visually stunning websites but to deliver functional, user-centric designs that enhance your online presence and resonate with your target audience.

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Our Web Development Process

Once the web designs receive your approval, our experienced developers initiate the process of bringing your online store to life on your chosen platform. At Clever Clicks, we take pride in custom-coding our websites, ensuring that each project is a unique creation tailored to your brand. This approach not only guarantees a distinctive design but also results in enhanced functionality and faster load speeds, providing an optimal user experience.

After the web build, our SEO experts get to work optimising your website. Whether you prefer to craft the website copy yourself or entrust the task to our specialist copywriting team, we ensure that all SEO best practices are implemented pre-launch. Our thorough testing stage involves multiple team members, ensuring the website’s readiness for a successful launch.

Post-launch, our team remains committed to your success, addressing any technical SEO aspects that require optimisation and promptly handling any reported bugs. Additionally, we offer ongoing digital marketing packages to maximise the potential of your online store and drive sustained growth in the competitive digital landscape.

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E-Commerce Web Design FAQs

What makes a good e-commerce website design?
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A good e-commerce website design prioritises user experience, seamless navigation, and a visually appealing interface. It should also include essential features like clear product categorisation, easy checkout processes, and mobile responsiveness.

How can SEO be integrated into e-commerce web design?
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SEO integration in e-commerce web design involves optimising product pages, implementing clean URL structures, incorporating relevant keywords, and ensuring mobile responsiveness. Additionally, a well-designed site architecture and clear navigation contribute to search engine visibility.

Can I update product information and content on my e-commerce website myself?
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Yes, most e-commerce platforms provide user-friendly content management systems (CMS) that allow you to update product information, add new content, and manage your online store efficiently. Training can be provided if needed.

What ongoing support is provided after the e-commerce website is launched?
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After launch, we offer ongoing technical support, addressing any issues that may arise. We also provide website maintenance and digital marketing packages to help you maximise your online store’s performance and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Why choose Clever Clicks Digital for your e-commerce web design?
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Clever Clicks stands out for its custom-coding approach, ensuring unique and high-performing e-commerce websites. Our team’s expertise spans web design, development, SEO, and digital marketing, providing a comprehensive solution for your online store’s success.

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