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Proactively reach your audience whilst driving growth and brand recognition with specialist paid media campaigns. Our strategic approach to digital advertising provides targeted and engaging campaigns that your customers will love.

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Why Choose Paid Media?

 Paid media campaigns are a great option for brands looking to boost their online presence. The consistent and targeted visibility gained through paid adverts ensures your brand is always the top choice for customers seeking your products and services. We use a multi-funnel approach, meaning even if users don’t immediately engage with your brand the persistent exposure increases the likelihood of future interactions. 

Speedy results are one of the top reasons for choosing a paid media campaign. The hyper-targeted reach offered allows you to leverage demographics, behaviours and interests, enabling precise targeting of your potential customers. This can be especially useful in highly competitive industries where organic visibility takes a long time and a lot of authority to build. 

We can help you to prominently position your brand for maximum exposure. With in-depth data evaluation, your campaigns will get even better over time. Our data-driven approach incorporates methods such as A/B testing to ensure continuous improvement of your campaigns through ongoing optimisation. 

Embrace paid media as a dynamic tool to propel your brand forward, leveraging its multitude of benefits for a strategic and impactful digital marketing campaign.

Our Paid Media Services

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PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Our solid PPC strategies ensure your brand gets the visibility it deserves. From strategic keyword targeting to compelling ad copy and creative assets, we optimise your campaigns to drive high-quality traffic and ultimately boost your website conversions. 

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Display Advertising

Captivate your audience with visually stunning display ads. Creativity is the key to any successful display campaign, alongside strategic placements to enhance brand awareness. We drive engagement and encourage actions across a huge network of high-traffic websites.

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Google Shopping

Skyrocket your product visibility through well managed Google Shopping campaigns. Our team’s expertise ensures your products stand out, reaching potential customers precisely when they’re searching for your product or service offering. This end of the funnel targeting ensure high conversion rates and increased sales.

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Paid Social Media

Harness the power of social media platforms with our paid social advertising services. We create targeted and visually appealing campaigns to reach your audience effectively, driving brand engagement and conversions. With a huge range of platforms targeted at different audiences, we can make sure you’re in the right place at the right time.

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Google Ads Training

Empower your team with the skills needed to navigate the intricacies of Google Ads. Our training covers everything from fundamental principles to advanced strategies, ensuring your team is well-equipped for digital advertising success.

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Google Ads Consultancy

Leverage our consultancy services for personalised insights into optimising your Google Ads campaigns. We provide strategic recommendations tailored to your business goals for maximum impact.

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Google Ads Reporting

Our Google Ads reporting services offer comprehensive insights into the performance of your campaigns. Clear, data-driven reports help you understand key metrics, enabling informed decision-making for ongoing campaign success.

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Our Approach to Paid Advertising

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, our approach to paid advertising is grounded in research, strategic planning, and results-driven optimisation. Each phase of our process is meticulously crafted to ensure your brand receives maximum visibility and achieves tangible results.



During the research phase, we conduct comprehensive audience profiling where we deep dive into the demographic, behaviours and preferences of your target audience. Competitive analysis ensures we have a deep understanding of the market dynamics and the best way to break into the competitive landscape. We identify the optimal placements for your campaigns, whilst incorporating real-time trend monitoring to help you stay ahead of the curve.



Our bespoke strategies are created to suit the dynamic industries and offerings of our clients. We work closely with you to establish clear and measurable goals in line with your business objectives. We plan to combine compelling content alongside a strict budget allocation  and strategic platform placement to ensure a diverse and impactful campaign.


Review & Amend

As a data-driven digital marketing agency, analysis is at the heart of everything we do. We use real-time monitoring to stay agile and implement swift amends when needed. Our data-driven analysis provides insights into performance metrics and ROi measurements ensure the value of your investment. Our strategy adapts over time, ensuring through ongoing optimisation that your results exceed your expectations.

Paid Media FAQs

What is Paid Media?
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Paid Media refers to digital advertising efforts where businesses pay to display their content to a specific audience. Paid media spans several services and platforms, from Google search ads to paid Facebook campaigns.

What Are the Key Benefits of Paid Media Advertising?
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Paid media offers benefits such as immediate visibility, precise targeting, measurable results, and the ability to adjust campaigns in real-time. It’s an effective way to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase brand awareness.

What Budget Should I Allocate for Paid Media Advertising?
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The budget depends on various factors, including your business goals, target audience, and industry competition. It’s essential to set a budget that aligns with your objectives and allows for effective campaign management.


Can Paid Media Be Combined with Other Marketing Strategies?
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Absolutely. Paid media can complement organic strategies like SEO and content marketing. An integrated approach ensures a comprehensive and cohesive marketing strategy for optimal results.

Do I need an agency for paid media campaigns?
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Whilst it is possible to run paid media campaigns in house, a lot of businesses find it difficult to generate a good ROI on their ad spend. By using an agency that specialises in creating paid media campaigns, your designated expert knows all the latest trends, campaign types and strategies to maximise ROAS and get you the best value for money. With access to advanced tools and a team of digital strategists, hiring an agency such as ours is a great way to maximise the exposure and effectiveness of your paid campaigns.

PPC case studies

Take a look at some of our PPC success stories from our happy clients.

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More than just Paid Media

We provide a multichannel approach to online growth. Take a look at some of our other core services to help your business to boom in the digital landscape.

Craft a roadmap to success with our digital strategy services, tailoring comprehensive plans that align with your business objectives.

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Propel your online visibility to new heights with our data-driven SEO services. Get found for the keywords that relate to your business offering and watch your profits grow. 

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Ignite your brand’s social presence with valuable content, community interactions, and strategic platform placement to elevate your brand’s visibility and engagement.

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Harness the potential of personalised communications with our email marketing services, delivering custom campaigns that resonate with your audience.

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