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Using Digital Strategy to define the SMART way forward for this Staffordshire-based balustrade company.

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  • 187%

    Increase In Overall Website Conversions

  • 808%

    Increase In Ranking Organic Keywords

  • 78%

    Increase In PPC Conversions

The challenge

SMART Balustrades approached us as they weren’t getting any organic traffic to their website and wanted to start utilising digital marketing to increase their online visibility. Their website was basic and poorly optimised, using keywords that weren’t relevant to their service offering.

They wanted to know which channels would work best for them and wanted help getting their website off the ground. 

Our approach




We started by conducting thorough research across their website. Their website was a total of 7 pages and didn’t accurately reflect the offering that SMART could provide. They didn’t rank for any keywords other than their brand name which was only getting very small amounts of traffic.


Through auditing their website and conducting competitor analysis, we knew that a complete restructure was needed to allow for growth, with a focus on CRO. We discovered high value keywords that weren’t present on their website and created a brand new sitemap that would support the growth of their valuable keywords. 




With the data on hand we decided that it was important to get the website into a state where it was able to convert customers before pumping the budget into PPC activity. We created a brand new sitemap and landing page wireframes and put a content strategy in place to support their core products and services. 


We looked for low competition keywords and created a rigid backlink strategy to help them to boost their domain authority. We also created a blog schedule to post high value content to the website and assist with our internal linking strategy. 


The strategy ended up spanning across SEO and PPC, with SMART Balustrades taking on organic social media in-house to support our on-going efforts.



Once the strategy had been decided, SMART Balustrades development team got started building our new landing page templates. We wrote new pages for all their core products, as well as separate pages to focus on long-tail keywords. 


We asked their engineers to take as many photos of their work as possible to allow the website to really showcase the quality of the work being provided. We then replaced the stock images currently used on the website with real work photos which made the website feel more genuine. 


Once the new landing pages had gone live on the website we turned our focus to continued optimisation, on-going blogs and ramping up efforts through PPC.


We implemented lots of new tracking including call tracking through CallRail and Live Chat. This gave users as many avenues as possible to get in touch with the SMART Balustrades team. We started splitting PPC campaigns by local and national audiences, with local jobs being more profitable. This way we could amend ad copy and budgets to suit the desired audiences, increasing ROI. 


Reporting & Optimisations

As soon as the new landing pages had gone live, we saw results within 1 month. In that month organic website traffic more than doubled and with PPC running alongside it overall website sessions increased by 195%. 


We worked closely with David, their Managing Director, to track enquiries, sales and profitability and adapted our strategies accordingly.


Despite the economic pressures on the construction industry over the past 12 months, SMART Balustrades have continued to see growth in enquiries and sales from their digital marketing activities. 

The results

Since starting work with SMART Balustrades we have achieved phenomenal results, working against industry based traffic decreases and exceeding their growth targets. 

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Increased Conversions

Year-on-year website conversions are up a whopping 187%. This includes a 150% increase in PPC enquiries and an increase of 220% from SEO. With more opportunities available to SMART, there’s still more room for growth moving forward. 

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More Residential Customers

SMART Balustrades already have a great reputation for Balustrades and Balconies within the commercial sector but were keen to start building their brand for residential installations. By splitting the PPC campaigns and landing pages out by residential and commercial we were able to target these customers more effectively, as such the number of residential jobs has increased. 

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Better Rankings

We have increased the number of organic keywords that SMART Balustrades are ranking on by 808% since March 2022. As for page 1 rankings, these have increased by 3,600% in the same time period, including some really high value keywords which were part of our long term optimisation strategy. 

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Higher conversion rate

When we first started working from SMART Balustrades it was very rare for them to get any enquiries through their website. Their conversion rate was between 0 – 1%, whereas we now see an average conversion rate of between 6% – 7%. 

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Quote icon for Clever Clicks Working with Jade and her team has been a breath of fresh air. They have skillfully managed our SEO and Google Ads campaigns, and the results have been outstanding. Our online presence has flourished, and we've experienced remarkable growth in website traffic and conversions.   From the start, they took the time to understand our business goals and tailored their strategies to suit our specific needs. Their proactive approach to optimisation and their continuous efforts to stay on top of industry trends have given us a competitive edge. Communication with the team has been smooth and efficient, and they are always ready to address any questions or concerns promptly.   We wholeheartedly recommend Clever Clicks Digital to any business seeking to elevate their online performance.

David Hough, SMART Balustrades

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