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Elevate your team’s social media prowess with our specialised training designed to unlock the full potential of your digital presence. Learn how to harness the latest strategies, techniques, trends and insights to amplify your brand’s voice and engagement across social media channels. 

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The Benefits of Social Media Training

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Effective Content Creation and Management

Social media training provides valuable guidance on creating high-quality, targeted and relevant content that resonates with your target audience. Through the use of content calendars, multimedia elements and tailored content, you will be able to provide content that gains maximum exposure and engagement across various platforms. This allows you to have a cohesive and compelling online presence.

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Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness

Social media training teaches your team how to strategise your social media presence to increase brand visibility and awareness.  Understand how to build a cohesive brand image, utilise hashtags, jump on relevant trends and enhance your visibility in a crowded social landscape.


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Improved Engagement and Interaction

Deep dive into the core principles of audience engagement and social media interactions. Learn how to effectively manage your community and leverage interactive features available across platforms. Building a strong community improves your relationship with your audience and can boost consumer loyalty to your brand.

Our Social Media Training Modules


Content Creation

We help you to develop skills and understanding for creating valuable content for social media. It’s important that your posts provide value to your users, increasing the likelihood of you converting passive viewers to paying customers. This can include graphics, written posts, videos, case studies and much more across various platforms.


Social Media Strategy

Learn how to craft and follow an effective social strategy. By developing a data-driven strategy you give yourself a solid foundation in which to build your social presence. From audience insights to goal setting and content planning, learn all the components necessary for social media success.



Analytics and Measurement

Data is everything, and to fully understand your social media presence you need to understand analytics tools. These tools are used to interpret key performance indicators (KPIs), which will inform your future strategies based on the success of your current approach.


Advertising and Promotion

Paid social campaigns can be a valuable tool, especially for B2C websites. With powerful targeting and various campaign types you can zero in on a specific audience and tailor your campaign around them. Learn how to craft an effective paid social campaign without wasting money.


Community Engagement

Understand the importance of building a strong online community to foster relationships with followers and customers, which can boost online presence and consumer loyalty. Learn how to engage with users and answer their queries as quickly and effectively as possible. 


Tone of Voice and Consistency

Create and maintain a tone of voice that reflects your brand identity. Using a consistent brand voice helps to solidify your brand values and creates a sense of togetherness when users approach your brand. Learn how to strengthen your brand identity and maintain a consistent image. 


Influencer Marketing

Understand how to identify, collaborate and leverage influencers that align with your brand values and target audience. Learn the art of building authentic partnerships that drive brand awareness, engagement and conversions. Uncover strategies that measure the effectiveness of influencer campaigns and optimise your approach or maximum impact. 


Trend Awareness

Dive into the world of trend awareness and stay ahead of the curve of emerging trends. Learn how to identify, analyse and leverage trends that align with your brand and resonate with your audience. Understand the importance of adapting your strategy to capitalise on trending topics or hashtags.

Bespoke Social Media Courses

At Clever Clicks, we understand that each business has unique objectives, challenges, and a distinct social media presence. This recognition fuels our commitment to delivering personalised social media courses designed to meet the specific requirements and goals of our clients. Leveraging a tailored analysis, we create bespoke training that focus on specific areas for improvement, whether it’s enhancing engagement, boosting brand awareness, or refining content development.


We refine our course content to adapt to your brands needs, industry, and target audience.  We collaborate closely with you to provide practical insights through interactive sessions, enabling you to efficiently optimise your social media presence. By choosing Clever Clicks, you get individualised guidance, acquiring the skills needed to successfully navigate the ever-changing social media scene.

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Courses for all skill levels

Clever Clicks offers social media training for all levels, from beginners to intermediate users. Our courses are customised to fit your unique needs and are adaptable enough to take into account your degree of social media expertise. Regardless of experience level, we can customise our courses to ensure every attendee walks away with a valuable new skill set.


We make our training accessible and helpful for all participants by covering advanced tactics for intermediate users and the fundamentals for newcomers. No matter how much experience you have with social media, we can help to advance your skills.


Social Media Training FAQs

How is social media training delivered?
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You can choose to do training via online video conferencing, in your place of work, or at our Nottingham office. Most importantly, our online training sessions are recorded and available for viewing after the session, making them an invaluable tool for future reference.

Is the content available after the training?
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Yes, after finishing the course participants get access to training materials and resources. This consists of slides for presentations, and other resources to help with ongoing learning and social media strategy application.

What group sizes do you offer training for?
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We try to make our courses as flexible as possible. Our courses are suitable for groups of 2 – 10 peoples. Our training is adaptable and may be tailored to meet the requirements of departments, small teams, or large organisations.

Can you customise the training to fit specific industries or business niches?
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Absolutely. We work closely with clients of all industries to grasp their business focus and goals. Our training is personalised to their business, industry and objectives.

What social media platforms do you cover?
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Our coverage encompasses all social platforms, including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest. Our approach is to provide a thorough comprehension of all relevant social platforms.

Social Media Case Studies

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