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Unlock the power of organic search with SEO consultancy from Clever Clicks. Navigate the ever-changing organic search landscape and develop strategic solutions to capture and convert organic traffic effectively. 

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How can SEO consultancy help?

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Keep on top of trends

SEO Consultancy ensures you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving SEO landscape. Our experts are dedicated to monitoring and adapting to the latest industry trends, ensuring your strategies remain relevant and effective.

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Utilise Expert Advice and Technologies

With SEO Consultancy, you gain access to our industry experts and cutting-edge technologies. This means you can leverage the best practices, tools, and techniques that are proven to deliver results, giving you a competitive edge in the digital space.

Clear Guidance for Your In-House Team

Our SEO consultants provide clear and actionable guidance for your in-house team. By working alongside your internal resources, we ensure that your team is well-informed and equipped to implement effective SEO strategies.

Our approach to SEO Consultancy


Website Audit

As a data-driven digital marketing agency, research is at the heart of everything we do. We delve deep into your website identifying any issues and areas for improvement. This includes both on-page and off-page analysis, covering all key SEO factors.


Link Audit

Performing a link audit is a crucial step in understanding your website’s backlink profile. We carefully examine the quality and quantity of your backlinks, identifying any toxic links that could hinder your SEO efforts. We create a plan to build high quality backlinks and improve internal linking across your website.



Competitor Analysis

To create a successful SEO strategy, it’s important that we understand your industry, customers and competitors. We dissect your competitor’s strategies, uncover their top-value keywords and analyse their approach and position within your industry. Outperform your competition with specially crafted SEO strategies designed to keep you one step ahead.


Keyword Research

Our Keyword Research process is extensive and aims to uncover the most relevant and high-value keywords for your industry. We help you to laser focus your efforts on terms that not only bring traffic to your website but convert users into paying customers.


Content Overview

The Content Overview phase evaluates your existing content to identify optimisation opportunities and areas for fresh content creation. By aligning your content with SEO best practices and audience needs, we drive better organic traffic and engagement.


Strategy Creation

Following the research phase, we use all the data gathered to craft a customised SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives. This strategy sets a clear path to improving your online presence and search performance. We clearly map out an easy-to-follow guide to SEO success. 


Regular Reporting

As part of our ongoing consultancy service, we provide regular reports to monitor the success of the ongoing strategy. Using KPIs we can effectively measure the impact of the strategy and amend it as necessary to ensure you’re aching the highest possible ROI.


On-going support

Our commitment doesn’t end with strategy development. We offer on-going support to address any questions, challenges or adjustments to ensure the effectiveness of your SEO activities. Let us direct you towards long-term organic success and provide robust strategies that keep you ahead of the curve.

Our SEO Consultancy options

At Clever Clicks, we offer both one-off and on-going SEO consultancy to cater to your specific needs. Our one-off consultancy service is designed to address immediate challenges, adapt to algorithm updates, or provide valuable insights into your SEO strategies. Whether you’re facing a specific hurdle or simply require expert guidance, our one-off consultancy offers the flexibility and expertise you need.


For those seeking a more continuous and collaborative approach, our on-going consultancy service acts as an extension of your in-house team. This option is particularly well-suited for larger corporations with in-house digital marketing teams looking for consistent support and expertise. With regular reporting, updates, and strategy amendments, we ensure your SEO efforts remain aligned with industry best practices and algorithm changes.


Our pricing structure is straightforward, offering fixed prices for both single consultancy packages and ongoing retainers. With Clever Clicks, you can harness our expert knowledge and leverage specialist software to empower your SEO strategies, whether you opt for one-off support or ongoing collaboration.


SEO Consultancy FAQs

What is an SEO consultant?
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An SEO consultant is a highly skilled and experienced professional who specialises in search engine optimisation. They provide expert guidance and advice to businesses looking to improve their online visibility, search engine rankings, and overall digital marketing strategies. SEO consultants analyse websites, develop customised SEO strategies, and provide recommendations to optimise online presence.

Do I need an in-house team to benefit from SEO consultancy?
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Whilst consultancy is a great option for bigger brands with in-house teams, we can help businesses of all sizes and structures. We can cater our strategies around your specific needs, and also offer on-going SEO retainers to assist with the implementation of our strategies if needed.

How does SEO consultancy work?
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SEO consultancy starts with a thorough analysis of your website, current SEO efforts, and competitive landscape. Based on the findings, we develop a customised SEO strategy to address your specific goals and challenges. We provide guidance, recommendations, and, in the case of ongoing consultancy, continue to monitor, report, and adapt strategies to ensure your online presence is optimised for better search engine visibility.

Why choose Clever Clicks as your SEO consultant?
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Our extensive experience, data-driven approach and dedication to our clients success makes us a great choice for SEO consultancy. Our team of experts possess in-depth industry knowledge and has access to a wide variety of specialist softwares.

We offer multiple choices for consultancy including one off consultations and on-going support. Our simple pricing and flexible services ensure your receive expert guidance that aligns with your business objectives. We’re committed to helping businesses to achieve their SEO goals witha hands-on, results driven approach.

SEO Case Studies

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