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Create authentic connections and grow your brand naturally with a powerful organic social strategy. Evolve your brand in the digital landscape and create thought-led posts that foster organic engagement and genuine growth for your brand.

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Results-driven organic social media

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Increase brand awareness

Organic social media increases your brand’s awareness and visibility without having to rely on paid advertising. By using strategies that grow your social media presence organically, you are able to create content that leads to word-of-mouth referrals and expand your reach naturally.

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Drive engagement

Organic social media allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level that is truly meaningful. Build authentic relationships with your audience through valuable content and conversations to build trust, loyalty and organic growth.

Establish credibility

When you grow organically in the social media world, you will begin to establish credibility and authority. Sharing your valuable insights, content and voice on social media platforms allows you to build credibility. This instils confidence within your audience and attracts prospects.

Our approach to organic social media


Defining your goals

Establishing your goals and objectives allows us to tailor your strategy to suit your business aims. Whether you want to increase your brand awareness or boost engagement, with a good understanding we can tailor your social media strategy for maximum results.



Research is a core part of all of our strategies across digital marketing, allowing us to understand your target audience. We take a deep dive into your customer’s demographics, online behaviours, interests and more. These insights can help us to tailor and target your content to resonate with your target audience.


Platform Selection

Choosing the right social media channels for your brand is an essential part of your organic strategy. Once we’ve created a full customer profile we can recommend the best platforms that align with your target audience. Different social media platforms resonate more with different demographics, so we need to make sure you’re in all the right places.


Content Strategy

Your content strategy will be the foundation of your organic growth on social media. Different formats work better for different audiences, so we’ll include multiple formats to test throughout. Imagery, infographics, videos and whitepapers are common format types that provide value to the end user. We’ll ensure to provide valuable, relevant content that aligns with your wider digital marketing aims.


Content Calendar & Scheduling

Organising your organic content is key to developing a solid strategy and allows us to schedule your posts in advance. We’ll pick popular times to post your content for maximum engagement and with forward planning we can maintain audience engagement and platform visibility.



Engaging with your customers on your posts not only helps to boost post visibility but also helps you to improve brand loyalty. We respond to messages, comments and questions to build organic engagement and help you to grow a loyal customer base.



Any digital marketing channel can always be optimised for further improvement. We monitor all social media accounts closely using Pixel and Analytics, allowing us to track key metrics such as engagement rates, follower growth and website traffic referrals. We use this data to further improve your campaigns and continue to maximise success.



Our data-led approach means we’re constantly optimising our strategies to ensure you’re gaining maximum exposure. We assess and optimise content types, scheduled post times, formats and even TOV to ensure our clients are constantly improving across all their social channels.

Tailored for Your Success

At Clever Clicks Digital, we’re all about crafting social media strategies that fit your brand perfectly. Why go generic when you can have something made just for you? Our tailored approach ensures that every post, every like, and every share speaks directly to your audience’s heart. We help to boost engagement and build a fanbase that’s as loyal as your oldest friend.


Data-Driven, Not Guesswork

No crystal balls here! We rely on data, not guesswork, to make sure you’re getting the most from your social media strategy. Our team keeps a close eye on your campaigns, using real-time insights to tweak and refine strategies. It’s all about making your investment count, whether you want to drive sales, increase website traffic, or nurture customer relationships.




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Stay Ahead of the Game

The digital world moves at warp speed, but don’t worry, we’re on top of it! By working with our team of specialists you can ensure that your strategies are adapted to stay ahead of the game. By keeping a keen eye on your competitors and the ever-changing trends, we ensure you’re always one step ahead. It’s not just about today; it’s about building a social media empire that lasts.

Navigating Challenges, Finding Solutions

In the ever-evolving world of social media, we know the journey isn’t always a smooth ride. That’s why Clever Clicks is here to help you steer through the storm. From content hiccups to algorithm changes, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve got the experience to ensure solutions are implemented quickly and efficiently.

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Organic Social Media FAQs

What is organic social media growth?
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Organic social media growth refers to the increase in following and engagement that occurs without any paid media on your social media account. This growth is natural and relies on your content to foster genuine connections with your target audience.

Why is organic social media growth important for business?
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Organic growth provides an authentic relationship with your audience that paid social media cannot, it establishes the trust and authenticity to reach a much more engaged audience. Organic social media growth is a lot more cost-effective too, making it a very valuable strategy for long-term success.

What is the difference between organic social media and paid social media?
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Organic social media growth has been done naturally through content creation without any paid advertising. Whereas paid social media involves spending money to promote your content to a wider audience. Paid social media is great for fast exposure to a large audience, however that audience may not be as engaged as organic growth, which may be much better for long-term success.

What services are included in organic social media management?
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A few of the services we provide for organic social media management include content strategy, content creation, audience research, engagement management, keyword and hashtag optimisation and performance analytics.

What social media platforms are covered by your organic social media services?
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Here at Clever Clicks, we are able to cover any social media platforms that are relevant for your audience, including:


How do you determine the right content strategy for my brand?
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Content strategies are created based on numerous elements. These include your goals, your audience, your industry and the overall competitive landscape. Content is designed to resonate with your specific target audience and showcase your brand’s identity to create meaningful conversations and connections.

What's the difference between organic and paid social?
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Organic social is free, focusing on building your brand’s presence naturally. Paid social involves paying for ads on specific platforms for immediate visibility.

How is success measured for organic social media?
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There are multiple ways to measure success for organic social. On the platform itself we monitor engagement such as likes, comments, shares and also reach, follower growth and conversion rates. Through Google Analytics we can also see the impact of referral traffic, e-commerce purchases and website engagement from social users.

Can organic social media improve a website's SEO performance?
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Yes, organic social can improve SEO indirectly by driving website traffic and enhancing brand visibility.

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