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Bespoke Social Media Consultancy Services

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Expertise and Strategy Development

At Clever Clicks, we are able to provide our expertise to help you tackle social media across platforms that will bring you the best results. We can help you identify a clear social media plan to understand your target audience and reach them effectively. We take a targeted approach and we can ensure your social media strategy aligns with your brand.

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Performance Analysis and Optimisation

Using analytics tools we help you to track the performance of social media campaigns to identify what’s doing well and what needs improving. We help our clients to refine their social media strategy to ensure maximum impact.


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Audience Engagement and Community Building

We understand the importance of building genuine connections between your brand and your audience. We are able to guide businesses in creating a sense of community within their social media presence. Boost engagement and build consumer loyalty, as well as enhancing credibility and trust amongst your target audience.

Our approach to Social Media Consultancy


Consultation and Assessment

It is important for us to start with understanding your business and your objectives. We conduct an initial audit and consultation to establish where you’re at and where you want to be.


Social Media Audit

Conducting a social media audit will allow us to analyse the current presence on different platforms, gathering the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We are then able to analyse competitors to identify areas of differentiation and opportunity.




One of the most important aspects of our social media consultancy service is the strategy. Developing a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with the client’s brand, goals and target audience is what sets up social media presence for success.


Analytics and Measurement

We are able to utilise analytics tools to track and analyse KPIs such as engagement, conversion rates and ROI. From our data, we are able to provide, highlighting the performance of social media campaigns and identifying areas of improvement.


Strategy Refinement

Simplifying the data collected and transforming the findings into actionable insights is key for growth on social media. We will help you to refine your strategy and amplify the results from your social media campaigns. 


On-going support

Our commitment doesn’t end with strategy development. Some companies require on-going support to allow us to answer any questions, challenges and adjustments to ensure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The importance of Social Media Consultancy

At Clever Clicks, we emphasise the vital role our social media consultancy services play in elevating businesses. In an era where online visibility is so important, our consultancy services offer a strategic edge for companies aiming to stand out. Our experienced team provides tailored insights by analysing current social media strategies, identifying strengths, and pinpointing areas for improvement.


Social media consultancy gives businesses a competitive edge. With expert guidance, companies can improve their online presence, refine content strategies, and engage better with their audience. These insights not only identify areas for improvement but also help businesses stay ahead of trends.

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Our Social Media Consultancy Options

Whether you need one-off consultancy to overcome a specific need or challenge, or on-going support, we’re on hand to create a consultancy plan that suits your business needs. Whether you’re struggling to identify trends, are facing a hurdle or simply require expert guidance, our consultancy services offer the flexibility and expertise that you need.

If you’re seeking a continuous and collaborative approach, we can become an extension of your in-house team. Our on-going consultancy services suit large corporations looking for consistent support and expertise. Our on-going consultancy includes regular reporting, updates and strategy amendments to make sure we’re guiding you on the route to social media success. 





Make the Clever Choice

Choosing Clever Clicks means partnering with experts who go beyond standard metrics. We craft a personalised strategy aligned with your business goals. With us, businesses receive not just a snapshot but a dynamic roadmap for ongoing improvement. 

By adopting our consultancy services, you’re investing in a dedicated ally committed to enhancing your brand’s digital presence, fostering engagement, and delivering measurable success in the fast-paced world of social media.

Our pricing structure is straightforward, offering fixed prices for both one-off and ongoing consultancy packages. With our specialist software and expert knowledge, we equip you with everything you need to support ongoing success.

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Social Media Consultancy FAQs

What is social media consultancy?
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Social media consultancy involves providing expert advice on social media and is available to companies wishing to increase their online visibility. Consultants assist in navigating the ever-changing social media world, assess methods, and provide customised guidance.

How can social media consultancy benefit my business?
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Strategic content production, online visibility, and engagement are all improved by social media consulting. It helps businesses remain ahead of trends by offering insights into analytics-driven decision-making and platform selection.

Can social media consultancy help in repairing reputation and crisis management?
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Of course! Social media consulting plays a critical role in crisis management and reputation management. Consultants create plans for tracking and resolving problems, assisting companies in managing emergencies and reestablishing a favourable internet reputation.

How does social media consultancy measure the success of social media campaigns?
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We use analytics tools to track important metrics including ROI, reach, and engagement. This data-driven method evaluates the success of campaigns and provides guidance for future improvements.

Do I really need a social media consultant?
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It is beneficial to have a social media consultant as they offer strategic direction and specialised knowledge. Employing one, such as ourselves, is advantageous for companies looking to keep ahead of the competition, optimise their online presence, and efficiently reach target consumers.

How does social media consultancy integrate with other marketing strategies?
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Social media is a vital part of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. If you have an in-house team, consultancy is a great option to leverage expertise without outsourcing the entire process. We can also assist with social media retainers for a more all rounded approach.

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