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We craft impactful press releases designed to spread your brand message to a wider audience. As part of our Digital PR offering, we tell your story in a way that captivates journalists, influencers and industry leaders. 

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The Benefits of Press Releases

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Increase Visibility

Our press releases are crafted to grab the attention of media outlets, relevant blog websites or target placements. We strategically present your news or article to maximise its exposure. We help you to reach a wider audience and enhance your brand’s visibility in industry relevant outlets. 

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Build Authority & Credibility

Press releases serve as powerful tools for establishing your brand as an industry authority. Through well-crafted narratives and strategic positioning, we help enhance your brand’s credibility. Media coverage and positive associations contribute to a strong reputation, positioning your brand at the forefront of your industry.


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Increased Referrals

A well-distributed press release can generate buzz and interest, leading to increased referrals. As your news gains traction, it becomes shareable content that resonates with your audience. This ripple effect not only drives more traffic to your brand but also encourages referrals from satisfied readers, amplifying the impact of your message.

Types of Press Releases


General News Releases

General news press releases are amongst the most common types of press release, and they are used to announce any updates or news about the company. This could cover a wide range of topics such as awards, financial results, research or survey results amongst other things.



Event press releases focus on promoting and providing information about any upcoming events, this can include seminars, launch parties, conferences, webinars or anything between. Event press releases tend to include details about the event such as the date, time, venue, key speakers and other relevant information.



Product Launch

When a company launches a new product, they may want to release a product launch with it, introducing the product or service to the market. These releases can include features of the product, the benefits and any  other unique selling points that it may include.


Crisis Management

When a brand is faced with a crisis, it is a good idea to address the issue with a press release which can communicate the company’s stance on the matter. This may include actions taken and plans for resolution, or even a public apology. 



Celebrating a milestone or any significant achievement such as a financial result or an anniversary can be done with a milestone press release. This can announce the success of the company to the public and build on brand awareness.


New Hire

Announcements of the hiring of a new notable employee within the company can be done through a press release. This can include relevant information about the employees background, their achievements, qualifications, the role they will play and how they can shape the company.



We can help you to spotlight your company’s involvement in charitable activities, such as contributions, community service or any environmentally friendly initiatives. 



Press releases can be issued to highlight the partnerships and collaborations a brand may be involved in. This can explain the goals, benefits and highlights of the strategic alliance between the two parties. These types of press releases can be done for influencer marketing or when two different companies collaborate on a campaign.

The impact of press releases on businesses

Press releases play a vital role in shaping how the public perceives businesses, influencing their overall success. A key impact of well-crafted press releases is the increased visibility they provide. Press releases help brands communicate their message and raise their visibility by providing the public with timely and relevant information. This in turn attracts prospective clients, financiers, and business associates.


Consistently sharing achievements and community contributions through press releases positions a company as a credible industry leader. This positive image not only fosters customer trust but also attracts talented individuals while strengthening relationships with stakeholders. Effective crisis management via press releases minimises reputational damage, demonstrating transparency and assisting businesses in rebuilding trust after facing challenges.

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Press Release FAQs

What is a press release?
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A press release is a written statement that provides details or news about a business, product, occasion, or other noteworthy events. It  is intended to draw attention from the media and educate the public both online and off.

Can press releases be distributed online?
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Press releases can undoubtedly reach a wider audience including journalists, bloggers, and potential customers by utilising online platforms and distribution providers.

How is the effectiveness of a press release measured?
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A press release’s influence on the company’s aims and objectives can be evaluated using a number of measures, such as media coverage, website traffic, social media involvement, and overall impact.

Why are press releases important?
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There are various reasons why press releases are significant. They support a company’s entire communication strategy in addition to helping to distribute important details, increase brand awareness, draw media attention, and engage potential customers.

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