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Our Google Ad reports are built on our bespoke dashboard, making sure you can easily understand and utilise the powerful insights provided. Our reports are the first step in powering your future PPC campaigns.

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The benefits of Google Ad Reports

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Custom Built Dashboard

Our Google Ads reports feature a bespoke dashboard tailored to reflect the key metrics vital for your campaign’s success. This customised approach ensures that the data presented aligns with your specific business goals and objectives, providing a comprehensive overview of your advertising performance.

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Simplified Data

We understand the importance of clarity in interpreting data. Our reports present information in a simplified manner, making it accessible and understandable for stakeholders with varying levels of digital marketing expertise. By eliminating unnecessary complexities, we ensure that the data communicates actionable insights effectively.


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Actionable Insights

Beyond just presenting numbers, our Google Ads reports are designed to offer actionable insights. We go beyond surface-level data to provide strategic recommendations based on the performance metrics. This enables your team to make informed decisions and implement changes that positively impact the outcomes of your advertising campaigns.

Our Approach To PPC Reporting


Regular Reports

We believe in transparency and keeping you informed about your PPC campaigns. Our regular reports are scheduled to provide consistent updates on your advertising performance. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or a frequency tailored to your preference, you can expect timely insights into key metrics, ensuring you are always in the loop regarding the progress of your campaigns.


Visual Presentation

Data is powerful, but its impact is amplified when presented visually. Our PPC reports are designed with visual aids such as charts and graphs to enhance the presentation of complex data. This visual approach not only makes it easier to comprehend the information but also allows for a quick and intuitive understanding of your campaign’s performance at a glance.



Goal Tracking

Tailored to your unique business goals, our PPC reports track key performance indicators. We ensure that you get a thorough understanding of each individual campaign, and what the metrics mean in terms of ROI. Get a deeper understanding with our bespoke reporting dashboards.

Your Vision, Our Mission

Partnering with Clever Clicks Digital means you’re choosing a team dedicated to maximise the potential of your Google Ads campaigns. Our reporting is detailed, insightful and designed to provide actionable insights and recommendations which lead to results.


We believe in the power of close collaboration. We are the digital experts, whilst you’re the industry insider. Our reports allow your specialists to understand our approach, and provide detailed insights into future opportunities. 


Our commitment to making data easily understandable allows the results to speak for themselves. Through this collaborative journey, we aim not just for success but for a shared understanding of the path we’ve paved toward achieving your digital objectives.

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Google Ads Reporting FAQs

How often will I receive Google Ads reports from Clever Clicks Digital?
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We typically provide monthly reports to give a clear view of your campaign’s performance over a consistent period. However, we can customise the frequency of these reports based on your needs, whether you prefer more frequent updates or a more comprehensive quarterly analysis.

Can Clever Clicks Digital customise Google Ads reports to focus on specific aspects of my campaign?
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Absolutely! We understand that every business has unique priorities. Our team can tailor reports to highlight specific areas of your Google Ads campaign, whether it’s keyword performance, geographic targeting, demographic insights, or a particular aspect of your ad spend and ROI.

What makes Clever Clicks Digital's approach to Google Ads reporting different from other agencies?
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Our approach is data-driven and client-focused. We not only provide detailed analytics but also offer actionable insights and strategic recommendations. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest Google Ads trends and features, ensuring that your campaigns benefit from the most current best practices. Plus, our reports are crafted to be understandable and useful, regardless of your familiarity with digital marketing.

Choosing Clever Clicks Digital means partnering with a team that not only understands the intricacies of Google Ads but also prioritises your specific business needs and goals, translating complex data into strategic action.

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