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Every second counts in the digital race to SEO success. Website load speeds aren’t just for user convenience, they play a critical part in your digital success.

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Benefits of improving website page speed

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Seamless User Experience

Reduce the wait time for your website users and allow fast access to your core website pages. By improving your page speed, you offer users a seamless experience throughout their session duration. This increases usability and fosters brand loyalty, reflecting on their positive experiences whilst engaging with your website.

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Improved Organic Rankings

Search engines prioritise fast-loading websites. Google has been firm in telling marketers that your website should always put users needs first, whether this be down to their experience or the way content is presented. The faster and smoother your users can navigate to valuable content, the more likely search engines are to positively rank your website.


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Increased Organic Traffic

With increased organic rankings comes higher visibility in the SERPs. Providing a smooth browsing experience for your users makes your website more discoverable, leading to an uplift in organic traffic. Coupled with the UX and CRO benefits of page speed optimisation, it’s a great choice for improving your online presence.

What’s included in page speed optimisation?


Image Optimisation

We compress your images to strike a balance between quality and file sizes. By reducing file sizes we can ensure faster load speeds without compromising on the images quality.


HTML & CSS Optimisation

Minifying, compressing and streamlining HTML and CSS can have a huge impact on your overall load times. We also eliminate any unnecessary elements to further aid page speed.



Server Response Time

Not all servers are built to withstand large websites, such as those with bulky plugins or API integrations. We can help to configure a server that minimises wait times and promptly responds to user requests.


Cache Updates

We implement efficient caching strategies to streamline storing of frequently accessed data. This method reduces the need for repeated resource loading and streamlines LCP (largest contentful paint).


HTTP Request Limits

Each HTTP request has to connect to the website server, which increases load speeds. By reducing and restricting the number of HTTP requests required to load a page, you streamline the process.


Simplify Redirects

Redirect loops and chains have a direct impact on the time taken to load the final destination URL. By reviewing and simplifying your redirects we can ensure a smoother and quicker user journey.


Cloudflare Integrations

Integrating with Cloudflare to leverage CDNs (content delivery networks) allows for faster content delivery and an enhanced performance worldwide. This is ideal for websites with a global presence.

What are Core Web Vitals?


Core Web Vitals represent Google’s latest initiative in evaluating and prioritising user experience based on key page speed metrics. Launched in 2020 as part of the Google page experience update, Core Web Vitals focus on three essential aspects of page performance:


  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): LCP measures how quickly the main content above the fold loads. It provides insights into the loading speed of crucial page elements, influencing the user’s perception of a page’s initial responsiveness.
  • First Input Delay (FID): FID gauges the page’s interactivity by measuring the delay between a user’s first interaction and the browser’s response. It is a crucial metric for assessing how quickly a page becomes interactive, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): CLS evaluates the visual stability of a page by measuring the unexpected layout shifts during its loading process. A low CLS score indicates a more stable and user-friendly visual experience.


Whilst the direct impact of improving LCP, FID and CLS on SEO remains hidden by Google, it’s evident that web performance significantly influences SEO success. Google explicitly considers web performance in its ranking decisions, making it imperative for website owners to optimise Core Web Vitals.

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Page Speed Optimisation FAQs

What is page speed optimisation?
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Page speed optimisation is the process of enhancing the loading speed and overall performance of a website’s pages. It involves various techniques such as image compression, code optimisation, and server adjustments to ensure swift and efficient delivery of content to users.

How can I check my website's page speed?
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Several online tools, such as Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix, can analyse your website’s page speed. These tools provide insights into performance metrics and offer recommendations for improvements. GTMetrix also allows you to check load speeds based on different server locations across the globe.

Is mobile page speed important for SEO?
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Yes, mobile page speed is crucial for SEO. With the increasing use of mobile devices, search engines prioritise mobile-friendly experiences. Websites with fast-loading mobile pages are more likely to rank higher in mobile search results.

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