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If you have the in-house manpower but not the specialist expertise, let our team guide you through the world of email marketing. Our experienced consultants can provide data-driven strategies guaranteed to secure digital success. 

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The Benefits of Email Marketing Consultancy

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Strategic Guidance

Email marketing consultancy provides strategic guidance that is tailored to your business objectives and sector. We help you develop an effective email marketing strategy that is aligned with your goals whilst  respecting industry regulations and compliance. This will help your campaigns become purposeful and effective, whilst incorporating innovative approaches and technologies.

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Optimised Campaigns

At Clever Clicks, we offer our expertise in optimising content, scheduling campaigns for maximum impact and implementing strategies to refine campaigns such as A/B testing. We can also help our clients segment their audience to create a targeted and personalised approach which can enhance engagement. Optimisation of campaigns can improve open rates, click through rates and website conversion rates.


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Performance Analysis

Consultancy with us will allow you to understand analytics tools to help track and measure the performance of your email campaigns. By utilising these tools, such as monitoring key metrics, analysing data, and providing insights, you will be able to refine and improve future campaigns based on the results.

Our approach to Email Marketing Consultancy


Initial Assessment

The first step of our email marketing consultancy is conducting an analysis of your current email marketing efforts. This involves understanding your existing strategies and campaigns, as well as how they’re performing. From this, we can identify strengths, weaknesses and potential opportunities.


Establishing goals and objectives

As we collaborate closely with our clients, we start to define measurable, precise targets as well as business goals. This allows us to identify a few KPIs that will enable us to monitor the accomplishment of our goals and objectives.



Understanding audience segmentation

Audience segmentation is crucial within email marketing, we help you to understand your target audience properly, allowing you to not only develop but also refine your audience segments. These segments will be based on various factors such as demographics, behaviours, preferences and more. Audience segmentation allows you to tailor email campaigns that address specific audiences and their unique needs.


Strategic planning

Developing a bespoke email marketing strategy aligned with business objectives helps to outline the timing, frequency and content for your email campaigns. By doing this,you are able to integrate your email strategy with their other existing marketing channels to create a broader yet cohesive approach for optimum success.


Content development

Content is key when it comes to emails, it allows audiences to understand the legitimacy of the sender and draws customers in to boost user engagement. By helping clients understand content development, they are able to craft compelling and relevant content for email campaigns. This will allow the brand to be much more consistent and optimised.


Analytics and optimisation

Data is one of the most important aspects of any campaign, and by equipping clients with the knowledge on analytics tools to track key metrics and gather insights will set them up for continuous success. By using previous data of campaigns, the client will be able to then refine future campaigns for increased effectiveness and improvement.

The importance of email marketing

Due to email marketing assisting businesses establish and maintain relationships with their target market, it is essential. With an international reach that encourages a feeling of community and consumer loyalty, it’s an excellent channel for personalised and targeted communication. Email marketing is the ideal choice for companies of all sizes since it provides inexpensive, fast, and relevant communication worldwide.


Email marketing continues to be a flexible and trustworthy tool. It serves as a clear channel of communication and works in unison with other marketing initiatives to create a comprehensive and coherent strategy.

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How consultancy services can help your business

Hiring us as your trusted consultant can transform your efforts by offering insightful external viewpoints and specialist knowledge to support your growth. Our deep understanding enables us to recognise possibilities and difficulties particular to your company, offering insights that might not be visible from within. 


Through process optimisation, strategy optimisation, and the use of best practices, these services assist in preventing errors and enable you to make well-informed decisions.  Our consultancy covers knowledge and capability gaps in your current offering by providing a dynamic skills set. Collaborating not only addresses present issues but also fosters continuous improvement, setting up your company for success.


Email Marketing Consultancy FAQs

What is email marketing?
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Email marketing is a marketing strategy that involves sending targeted and personalised emails to segments lists of recipients. This allows businesses to connect with their audience at a global reach, offering effective content instantly to establish trust, advertise products and increase engagement and conversion rates.

Why is email marketing important?
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Because email marketing provides a personalised and direct means of connecting with your audience, fostering loyalty, and increasing conversions, it is essential. It is beneficial for companies of all sizes since it is reasonably priced, permits focused communication, and yields quantifiable outcomes.

Why do businesses need email marketing consultancy services?
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Email marketing consultants help businesses by providing strategy advice, campaign optimisation, and industry best practices. Maximising the impact of email marketing campaigns, we provide experience in developing successful campaigns, segmenting consumers, adhering to legal requirements, and integrating with other marketing channels.

Can email marketing be integrated with other marketing channels?
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It is possible to combine email marketing with other marketing channels in a seamless manner. The audience is guaranteed a unified and consistent brand experience through integration. The effectiveness of marketing as a whole is increased when email marketing is integrated with other channels like social media, content marketing, and advertising.

What type of businesses can benefit from email marketing consultancy?
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All businesses, big or small, can benefit from email marketing consultancy. Whether you sell to other businesses or directly to consumers, these services can be customised to your goals, offering guidance and optimisation for the best results.

How can I ensure my email campaigns comply with regulations?
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Our email marketing consultancy services will explain and help you to ensure compliance with regulations, such as anti-spam laws and GDPR. This can be done through various ways such as providing opt-in mechanisms, including relevant identification information and more.

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