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Helping this online veterinary pharmacy drive sales and keep your pets healthy. 

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  • 422%

    Increase In Revenue

  • 866%

    Return On Ad Spend

  • 216%

    Increase In Organic Sessions

The challenge

The PharmPet Co came to us as they were struggling to increase their website traffic and sales. After a successful launch in 2019, they initially saw good growth before it went static in 2021.

We were tasked with creating a robust digital strategy that combined their best value channels with the aim to increase brand awareness, online visibility and revenue.

At the start of 2022, we started working with The PharmPet Co running their PPC, SEO, CRO and organic social media, and the results we’ve achieved since then have been phenomenal.

Our approach




We started out with a discovery period which included auditing their current website to discover quick win fixes and long-term goals. We looked at simple factors such as meta tags and dived into technical breakdowns to ensure the website was easy to crawl and index. 


We also completed a competitor analysis to discover competitor strategies and to see how we could incorporate some of these techniques for The PharmPet Co moving forward. We did in-depth keyword research to find high-value keywords that they were missing out on. 


Auditing their current PPC strategy was also essential, and we soon discovered that they weren’t using the best campaign types to maximise clicks and conversions.



With a vast array of insights now available we were able to put together a data-driven strategy designed to propel the website to the next level. We marked out quick wins to implement first, as well as long-term strategies that would help us to reach the desired growth. 


The strategy spanned across Google Shopping & Google Search for PPC, ongoing SEO and using organic social media to engage with customers.



Once we’d thoroughly discussed the strategy we got to work across all channels. We decided a lot of the PPC campaigns needed to be completely rebuilt into the latest campaign types to maximise ROI. We also added extra tracking to the website to ensure we could accurately track all changes and results.


We got to work on technical SEO fixes to give the website a solid foundation in which to build upon. Working with The PharmPet Co’s development team we create wireframes for new landing pages which would help us add more relevant content for its users. We implemented these templates across our key category pages and changed product templates over in stages to ensure we didn’t lose any traffic throughout the changes.


We made sure all best practices were in place and spent a lot of time changing simple elements such as metadata which had a huge impact on both rankings and click-through rates. We created a blog strategy and decided to use highly relevant content to support their key product lines.


Reporting & Optimisations

Once we’d got off the ground with the optimisations we saw which amends were having the largest impact on the website’s overall traffic. Within 3 months of starting with us we’d increased organic traffic by 38%, whilst revenue from PPC had increased by 12%. 


By having close contact with owners Phil & Neil, we were able to establish their high-profit products and focused our efforts on these first. We split PPC campaigns by low and high profit to allow us to bid on the products effectively. 


We continue to report monthly and are still adapting our strategy to maintain growth across all channels for The PharmPet Co.

The results

When comparing 2023 to 2022, The PharmPet Co have achieved an incredible level of growth across all the channels that we’ve been supporting them with.

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Increased revenue

Year on year we have increased overall website revenue by 422% – more than tripling their online income within 12 months. This includes a 980% increase in revenue from PPC and a 356% increase in revenue from SEO, amongst growth from nearly every other supporting channel.

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More customers

Due to their competitive pricing and excellent customer service, almost 50% of The PharmPet Co’s new customers become returning customers. As we continue to attract new customers, their overall customer base has grown substantially, helping to continue the increase in revenue that’s been achieved.

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Better ROI

We have increased The PharmPet Co’s return on ad spend from 245% to 866% – meaning they are now getting a lot more for their money. Through on-going PPC optimisation we have been able to increase their ad spend whilst maintaining the ROI, meaning more customers are coming through PPC channels than ever before. 

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Improved Rankings

We have increased the number of organic keywords that The PharmPet Co are ranking on by 173%. We have increased page 1 rankings by a staggering 438% since January 2022, whilst increasing the number of keywords ranking in the top 3 positions by 1,381%.  This has led to a huge increase in traffic for The PharmPet Co, and with an ongoing strategy, we’re far from finished yet!

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Neil Younger, The PharmPet Co

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