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By Sam Read

9 February 2024

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What is Digital PR?


PR is short for Public Relations, which involves managing and providing information from a company, individual or organisation to the public. This is done to try and influence their perception, similarly to publicity, however publicity is not controlled and PR is. Digital PR refers to the online side of public relations and focuses on how your business is portrayed online. 

What is the difference between PR and Digital PR

There are two communication strategies typically used to enhance a brands reputation; traditional public relations (PR) and digital PR. Traditional PR involves using print, broadcast and face to face interactions, while Digital PR operates through platforms such as online publications, social media and blogs. Traditional PR involves communication methods like press releases, media relations, and events. In contrast, digital PR reaches audiences using strategies such as online press releases, social media engagement, influencer partnerships, and content marketing.


Digital PR offers advantages over PR by allowing faster information dissemination and a wider global reach. It also provides metrics to assess campaign effectiveness by analysing website traffic data, social media interactions and online mentions. By integrating both PR and digital PR strategies into the development of a communication strategy we can adapt to the changing landscape of how people consume media and engage with audiences.


What are the benefits of Digital PR?


1 Reputation management


Through the use of Digital  PR, companies are able to maintain their reputation and keep a positive public image. This helps to manage any perceptions to build trust amongst the audience, partners and stakeholders.


2 Collaborations and partnerships


Digital PR helps businesses create strategic collaborations and partnerships, enhancing their reach, exposure and credibility. This can also be done with the use of influencer marketing, providing exposure to specific audiences. 


3 Brand visibility and exposure


The wide reach of digital PR allows brands to build connections with a diverse and engaged audience. Targeting is key with Digital PR, ensuring you’re focusing on the outlets that are likely to be accessed by your target audience. 


4 Boosted trust and credibility


Using effective Digital PR strategies, companies can build trust and boost credibility. You should focus on creating a highly recognisable brand and sharing it far and wide. This fosters a sense of trust with consumers and encourages them to visit your website and engage with your brand. 


5 Employee morale


To improve positive workplace culture and boost employee morale, companies are able to utilise internal PR that keeps their staff engaged, informed, satisfied and aligned with the values and goals of the business.


6 Relationship building


Digital PR includes an aspect of building relationships with media outlets, journalists, influencers and potential business partners. Collaborations amongst businesses in similar industries can also be highly effective. The aim of building these relationships is to gain favourable coverage for your brand. 


7 Crisis mitigation


Crisis management is an extremely important aspect of Digital PR. No brand wants negative press, so being able to mitigate risks with a solid Crisis Management response is crucial. This reduces the overall damage to the brands reputations and helps them to navigate challenging situations. 


8 Marketing support


Digital PR is able to complement your ongoing marketing campaigns by fostering a positive setting for promotions, enhancing the overall success of you digital marketing efforts,


9 Financial gain


Having a successful business in the public eye attracts prospects such as investors, customers and partners. Digital PR can help to open doors and discover opportunities that boost your businesses financial success. 


10 Recruitment and employee retention


If you want to attract and retain the best talent in your industry, having a positive public image can help. Whether you’re looking to recruit or want to share the success of your current employees, Digital PR can help. 

Why you should embrace Digital PR, no matter which sector you are in


Whatever your sector, realising the potential of digital PR can help to boost your business. You can mould your story and develop a reliable brand that appeals to your target audience.


Whether you work in technology, healthcare, finance or any other field, Digital PR empowers you to establish trust, gain visibility and communicate effectively with stakeholders. In today’s landscape where perception greatly impacts success, Digital PR becomes indispensable, for managing your reputation and fostering meaningful connections. It opens doors to recognition, enhanced credibility and sustainable growth – making it an essential tool for anyone seeking to thrive in our interconnected world.

different types of digital pr



In summary, Digital PR is vital for managing information and building connections in various sectors. It offers numerous benefits, including reputation management, collaborations, brand visibility, and crisis handling. The distinction between traditional and digital PR reflects the changing communication landscape. It has many different variations, from social media to crisis management. Embracing PR is essential across all sectors, enabling the shaping of a positive narrative, building trust, and effective communication. In today’s interconnected world, where perception is key to success, Digital PR becomes a crucial tool for sustained recognition, enhanced credibility, and long-term growth.


Are you in need of Digital PR?


In search of ways to elevate your brand or organisation’s image through impactful Digital PR strategies? At Clever Clicks Digital, we are able to help. Whether you require reputation management or are looking to increase visibility, our team excels in crafting tailored Digital PR solutions. Reach out to us today, and let’s begin the journey towards shaping a positive narrative, building trust, and establishing meaningful connections for the success of your brand.

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